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 +Game Zone+ rules - Please read before posting!!

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PostSubject: +Game Zone+ rules - Please read before posting!!   Sat Aug 01, 2009 10:46 pm

this thread was made for fun. post any games related or non-related to our School. It can be Just for Fun or for special games to win some special prizes.

but there are some things to remember....

GAME HOST - the one who will host / start the game

anyone can HOST their own games. but please follow this format.

Subject : Title of your game

Host Name:

Game Description:

Rules : some rules for your game (please make a brief and easy-to-understand explanations about your rules)

Note: If you want to Host your own game, please create a new topic for your new game. this is for us to easily track or determine the NEW game from the old one. Smile


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+Game Zone+ rules - Please read before posting!!
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